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Our Story

Taking over the world, one dress at a time!
When we started Beckie Brambles in 2021, our mission was simple - stylish, flattering and comfortable clothes for real women. Beckie was fed up of going to the mall and leaving empty-handed and frustrated. Finding things that fitted well, flattered, looked stylish and a bit different were hard to find. Great patterns, lovely fabrics and bold prints even more so. And if she did find anything, the price was always higher than she wanted to pay. So Beckie mainly shopped while visiting the UK and Europe, from small boutiques with limited numbers of great styles that flattered, were stylish and reasonably priced, matched with a more personal service. Now you can get just the same right here at Beckie Brambles. Starting with 20 items on an Ikea rail, we never expected this hobby to grow into the brand it has become, and we are so humbled and proud of the community of amazing ladies we have helped to look fabulous and feel wonderful. Still very much a family business, Beckie handpicks all the styles, packs the orders, talks to customers and posts a lot on Instagram. Justin helps with the website, business stuff and loading the van. The children also lend a hand when needed.

A Note from Beckie

Hi there! I have always had a love of clothes and fashion. In my early 20's, way before the internet, I opened my own boutique with my sister in my home town of Scarborough, on the beautiful North Yorkshire coast in England, called "Beckie Brambles". I knew little about business, but had many lovely customers. I even met my future husband, when he opened a shop next door. I then went on to work for many high street fashion brands such as Next, Matalan, House of Fraser and New Look, until life brought us on a new Dubai adventure in 2014. Since then, I dreamt of re-launching Beckie Brambles, here in Dubai, and again sharing my love of easy, comfortable but stylish ladies clothes. My children are growing up, I had a significant birthday and so, I seized the opportunity. Since we launched in November 2021, we have been overwhelmed with your support and it has helped us to grow so much, making my dream a reality. It's wonderful to meet so many lovely ladies and help you find some great new clothes. Beckie x